Nanoq - Imag(in)ing climate change moves to Lycée Josy Barthel in Mamer: Invitation to the Exhibition Inauguration

The photoplay exhibition Nanoq - Imag(in)ing climate change, showcasing Ilona Mettiäinen’s work, moves from  Lycée de Garçons Esch (LGE) to Lycée Josy Barthel in Mamer (LJBM), where it opens on June 14th at 4pm in presence of Claude Meisch, the Minister of Education, Children and Youth.
The exhibition can be visited during daytime until July 15th.
Ilona Mettiäinen is a Finnish scientist at the Arctic Center of the University of Lappland and loves to communicate her fieldwork through art.
The exhibition is co-organized by SCRIPT, the Luxembourgish Ministry of Education, Children and Youth (MENJE), the Lycée Josy Barthel in Mamer (LJBM) and – Luxembourg’s Polar Program asbl.
For more information about the exhibition, follow this link.